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January 2019 Blog Archive

Jane and Kel Go To Hell

Jane And Kel Go To Hell
Posted in Local Events at 21 January, 2019

Jane and Kel are best mates, housemates and drinking mates with s**t jobs and s**t judgement. After losing her job, Jane needs to save money, so someone needs to move in. Roy seems like a clear choice. Jane loves him, but Kel is convinced something is not...

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In Conversation with the cast of The Sopranos

In Conversation with the cast of The Soprano Photo From The Star Gold Coast
Posted in Local Events at 07 January, 2019

Get the skinny on what Vanity Fair called "the greatest pop-culture masterpiece of its day" when three of The Sopranos' most popular cast members sit down for a conversation. This will be their first time doing this in Australia. Steven Schirrip, Michael...

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