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November 2015 Blog Archive

Barbecue Time amidst the Tropical Gardens

Pacific Plaza Apartments 17
Posted in Accommodation at 26 November, 2015

Has it ever crossed your mind why we love smoked food so much? Just imagine yourself grilling your favourite meat, and you'll get an idea why. Smokes may be suffocating sometimes and it's incredibly bad for the health, but there's something about the meat...

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Meet the Australian Wildlife at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

National Trust Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
Posted in Location & Attractions at 06 November, 2015

Self confessed animal lovers would surely have pet dogs, cats, birds, fish, or even turtles, and whatnots at home. But since they adore animals so much, simply owning domesticated animals isn't enough. They want to get to know more, meet more members of t...

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